More Money, More Problems for the Commercial Space Launch Biz

"It’ll be a challenge to retain seasoned senior engineers who don’t want to work 100-hour weeks"

Space-X plans for satellite Internet takeoff

"What investors are betting on is nothing short of the future of Big Data, the Internet, and global market intelligence all rolled into a suite of orbital technologies. What’s driving a lot of the excitement in the eyes of investors is really ones and zeros – it’s software, it’s services."

Musk: A self-sustaining civilization on Mars in 40 to 100 years

"You could argue that everything that is disruptive in modern civilization is first considered insane. It’s up to the entrepreneurs and the decision-makers in the public sector to make it sane."

S.F. is at the center of a booming business in tiny satellites

"Once we begin to have launches at rates that are significantly higher than has ever been done, then we’ll see these small-satellite ventures do the things that are truly transformative, like predicting the weather, providing high-definition images from space, expanding our understanding of nature."

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, satellite destroyed in explosion

"[The loss of the rocket and satelite was a] significant setback for SpaceX, but not a lasting one for the industry. If anyone on this planet can recover from this, it’s Elon Musk."

SpaceX disaster deals setback to Facebook Internet plan

"This is a major setback for SpaceX. But it’s not a lasting setback for the industry."

Startup plans to provide virtual reality views, from space

"[SpaceVR is] what we call a new space startup in diapers — they have not been around for long. This industry is very good at chewing up new space companies in diapers and spitting them right out. [SpaceVR is] filling an interesting niche, [but building the company to handle a global marketplace] requires raising capital and I'm not convinced they can in this climate."

Six Investor Expectations for the NewSpace Sector

"When NSG started in 2011 we were tracking around 100 companies — a mix of publicly traded and privately held. Today we are tracking over 1,000 companies globally. We will get to 10,000 companies in the next 10 years. Every single company that’s in the satellite and launch market — regardless of size, whether or not they are public or privately held, if they are based in Seattle, Denver, or Nigeria, it doesn’t make a difference — everything is going to be flipped upside down in the next 10 years."