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What is NewSpace?

NewSpace is an emerging global industry of private companies and entrepreneurs who primarily target commercial customers, are backed by risk capital seeking a return, and profit from innovative products or services developed in or for space.

NSG 8 Verticals of NewSpace


While many have heard of SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, and Virgin Galactic, there are hundreds of innovative companies, from “garage” start-ups to Fortune 500s, building potentially world-changing products or services.

Who is NewSpace Global?

NewSpace Global ("NSG") is an information provider that tracks the NewSpace industry. We provide critical information on NewSpace so you can make better informed business, research, financial, and career decisions.

When NSG launched in 2011, we tracked approximately 125 companies in the NewSpace industry. Today, our analysts cover over 800 companies around the world as NewSpace emerges to become today's great innovation economy. And we're far from alone in that belief: our subscribers include C-level executives, strategy and business development professionals, government agencies, major universities, students, entrepreneurs, investors, industry professionals, researchers, incubators, and many others.

What does NSG Offer?

  • Observer

    Observer is a company-by-company database of information and analysis. It is available for the hundreds of privately-held companies tracked by NewSpace Global and integrates with NSG's other core products to offer a centralized source of information on NewSpace companies.

  • Thruster

    Thruster is NewSpace Global's monthly market tracking report. It keeps you up to date on the latest industry events and provides an in-depth analysis of the industry and its players.

  • NewSpace Watch

    NewSpace Watch ("NSW") is NewSpace Global's daily news source, providing comprehensive coverage of industry news and events. The NSW archives contain over 25,000 articles going back nearly a decade.

  • NSG Indices

    The NSG Indices list and track over 800 private and publicly traded companies involved in the NewSpace industry around the world, providing an easy way to follow the industry leaders as well as discover new startups.

  • Deep Dive Reports

    NSG's Deep Dive Reports, such as the NewSpace Global 2014 SmallSat Report, provide in-depth analyses of a particular market or topic. We can also produce custom Deep Dive Reports specifically tailored to your needs, providing exclusive custom research not available anywhere else. Contact us at sales@newspaceglobal.com for more information.


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